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About Us


About us

Indian Institute for Social Development (IISD) is a national nodal agency, with its activities spreading to various parts of the country. The Organization has been focusing on the excluded population groups and geographical regions, particularly in the North-Eastern States, including Sikkim.

Mission & Objectives

To function as a nodal body to plan, develop, adopt, implement, co-ordinate, support, monitor, review and evaluate policies and programmes; aimed at integrated holistic equitable productive participatory sustainable development; with focus on the excluded population groups and geographical regions. To act as an apex research organization to undertake, support and monitor research on development policies and programmes; with stress on applied, action and interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary research; and integrated research findings to improve the existing development paradigms or to suggest new policy alternatives. To serve as a national co-ordinating and facilitating agency to encourage, promote, and assist the non-governmental organizations (NGOs), developmental groups, social activists and concerned individuals in the implementation of the development projects; stimulate small grass-root level organizations to work amongst the poorest of the poor and the disadvantaged sections; establish a system of networking of the non-governmental organizations that are working in specific geographical locations and/or in particular programmatic areas of concerns; liaise with international, national and local donor organizations to obtain financial, technical and professional assistance to undertake or support various projects; build up a participative collegial relationship or a strong partnership with/among the non-governmental organizations, government bodies and donor organizations; and adopt appropriate mechanisms for promoting the development of coherent programme and policy interventions for equitable and sustainable development.

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